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Agents – Get Qualified Leads Direct to Your Fingertips!

bRight Agent is not just a platform for homeowners to save money, we’ve designed it for Agents to benefit too!!

Agent benefits include:

✅ Increased leads! Our leads are people who are ACTIVELY LOOKING to engage with an Agent. 🫱🏼‍🫲🏾 Homeowners specifically come to bRight Agent looking to find an agent, so they’re primed and ready to go!

✅ Time & Convenience. Because we all love letterboxing… 😫 Seriously though – is there a bigger waste of time than walking around all afternoon to drop of flyers that will just end up in the bin?? As an App-based service, new bRight Agent leads go directly to you mobile phone.

✅ Equality. Each agent has the same opportunity to offer a listing within their selected postcodes. No preferential algorithm that feeds leads to the same 1% of agents. ⚖️ 

✅ Low-Cost. 💰 Why give up 20% to a referral fee, or Thousands of $$$ to a lead-gen service for EACH property. bRight Agent only uses an incredibly small subscription and you don’t pay any additional referral fees or split commission.

✅ Tax deductible 🤓 as a business expense.

✅ Flexibility. You can scale up or down the number of postcodes you want to be alerted for, or change them altogether if you move cities or interstate! 🏖️


bRight Agent is quickly changing the way Aussies find and compare agents, before selecting their preferred local agent.

Don’t miss the opportunity!


It’s as easy as:

👉🏼 Download the bRight Agent App here📲 for iOS and here📲 for Android

👉🏼 Build Your Profile (it only takes a minute)

👉🏼 Subscribe to select postcodes for the areas you want leads for


Get started today!!