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Top 10 Tips for Saving Money when Selling Your House

Selling a house comes with its own set of considerations. Here are our top 10 tips for saving money when selling your house:

1. Research Real Estate Agent Fees: Use a service such as the bRight Agent App to not just compare but actually REDUCE commission rates and fees charged by different real estate agents specialising in house sales your area. Negotiate to get the best possible deal and consider agents who offer competitive rates without compromising on quality service.

2. Consider a Fixed-Fee Agent: Instead of the traditional commission-based model, explore the option of using a fixed-fee agent. They charge a set fee for their services, regardless of the property value, which can potentially save you money, though not all agents will agree to a fixed-fee.

3. DIY Home Staging: Instead of hiring a professional home stager, take the DIY approach. Declutter your home, rearrange furniture, and enhance curb appeal by tidying up the exterior. You can also use free online resources for inspiration and guidance on home staging techniques. The bRight Agent App can also help with negotiating lower fees for styling.

A luxury beachfront house

A well presented house can lead to an increased sale price!


4. Optimise Your Listing Photos: High-quality photos are essential for attracting potential buyers. Invest time in taking well-lit and appealing photos of your property or consider hiring a professional photographer. Make sure to highlight the best features of your home to generate more interest. The bRight Agent App can also help with negotiating lower fees for photography as well.

5. Market Your Property Effectively: Leverage free or low-cost online platforms to market your property. Use social media, property listing websites, and local community groups to spread the word. Write compelling descriptions and include key selling points to attract potential buyers. The bRight Agent App can also help with negotiating lower fees for online advertising or full-service advertising.

6. Skip Print Advertising: Traditional print advertising can be expensive and may not provide a significant return on investment. Focus on digital marketing channels that offer a wider reach at a fraction of the cost.

7. Organise Open Houses and Inspections: Hosting open houses and inspections yourself can save you money. Be prepared to showcase your property, answer questions, and provide information to potential buyers directly. Consider scheduling multiple open houses, or having a flexible visit schedule to maximise exposure.

8. Review Legal and Conveyancing Costs: Seek competitive quotes from solicitors or conveyancers for handling legal documentation and the settlement process. Compare their fees and services to find the most cost-effective option without compromising on quality.

9. Be Flexible with Negotiations: Keep an open mind during the negotiation process. Be willing to negotiate on price, settlement terms, or inclusions to attract potential buyers and expedite the sale. Remember, finding a middle ground can lead to a mutually beneficial outcome.

10. Plan Your Moving Expenses: Selling a property often involves moving to a new location. To save money, compare quotes from different moving companies, consider DIY moving options, and plan your move during off-peak periods when prices may be more affordable.

Remember, while these top 10 tips for saving money when selling your house can save you money, it’s important to strike a balance between cost-saving measures and ensuring a successful and efficient sale. It’s important to assess each suggestion based on your specific circumstances and consult professionals such as bRight Agent when necessary to ensure a successful and smooth sale.